Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hannah and Eli

The week Eli had swimming lessons at our house, we had a special guest come stay with us every day-Hannah! Eli and Hannah are best friends and love spending time together. Hannah's mom, Diane, and I always joke that maybe they'll get married one day, but I'm convinced they'll probably just be best friends for life. 

Diane had called the week before and asked if Hannah could spend some time with us in the morning during this week because her normal babysitter had to work VBS at her church. I immediately said, "Yes!" I knew Eli would love having his best friend over to play with him! 

Eli and Hannah before swimming lessons 

Waiting in the pool for Mrs. Tanya

Snack time after swimming lessons

Silly girl!

Playing in the sand and water table

What? You don't wet your hair this way when you have a pool close by? 

It's more of a challenge, I guess :)

Picnic time

Ahh, this is the life!

The whole week with Hannah went great. They had lots of fun together during the week and I'm so glad my little man got to spend some time with his best friend! 

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