Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Beach Trip 2013-Day Five

We went to bed hoping for prettier weather on our last day at the beach and we were greeted with this ominous looking sky the next morning....

Once again all the adults turned to their iPhones and iPads and started checking the Weather Channel app like crazy. We kept hoping that the rain would pass so we could enjoy one more day playing. The kids weren't bothered by the delay at all though so if there was a silver lining I guess that was it. They were very content to sit inside and play games on their electronic devices and to play with their toys. 

It took awhile but FINALLY around noon the weather cleared up enough for us to go down to the beach. YAY! We were all so excited! It wasn't beautiful like it had been on the previous beach days, but it wasn't storming. A rainy/cloudy day at the beach beats a sunny day at home :)

The boys brought down their boogie boards and spent the afternoon riding the waves. The waves were crazy big and we made sure to keep an eye on everyone especially the kids when they were in the water. It's so sad but while we were at the beach several of the beaches in nearby areas actually had to close because people were getting caught in rip currents and weren't able to get out. We didn't want to take that chance so we mostly let the kids just play near the shore this day.

The boys looked like they were having a great time riding the waves, so I decided to join in. I hadn't been on a boogie board since high school but I still managed to catch several waves and ride them into shore. It was very fun!

While I was surfing it up, Diane, Eli and Hannah were putting the finishing touches on our sandcastle city. They loved digging in the sand and building things.

They especially loved getting to destroy it!

It was a great last day at the beach even despite it not being sunny. The kids and the adults all had fun playing together in the waves one last time. We ended our beach day and went back up to the condo to shower and change for our last meal that night. We saved the best for last and were excited about going to eat at Cobalt. Well, the kids didn't really care, but the adults were definitely excited :)

If you're ever in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Perdido Key area, you have to go eat at Cobalt. It has a great atmosphere and is very family friendly. The wait usually isn't long but even if you have to wait you can sit outside and listen to a live band. I can't say enough good things about it! While we were waiting, we listened to the band, visited with each other, and took pictures. The kids also had fun looking at all the sea creatures they had in their tanks. 

Marlie even entertained us with some dancing moves. This girl can really dance!

Like father, like daughter :)

It was a perfect last evening. We all had wonderful food and even went home with some delicious cupcakes from their little bakery. What a wonderful end to our beach vacation!

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