Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Beach Trip 2013-Day Four

Sunday morning we woke up to a cloudy and very rainy sky. We kept checking the weather report over and over again hoping that it would say the rain was going to pass, but it never did. We were a little disappointed but decided to make the best of it. We started off with a delicious home cooked breakfast from Mr. Hargon himself. Yummy! Then we all started researching different things for us to do that didn't involve the beach. We finally settled on bowling and I have to say it was a great choice!

We got to the bowling alley and got all set up and then started our competition. Everyone was excited about bowling!

Diane and I both started our games with strikes and the big boys started to get a little scared.

Not too long after we started bowling, they dimmed the regular lights and turned on the black lights. All the kids (and adults) loved our effervescent glow :) It made bowling just a little more exciting and fun for all of us.

My glowing little man!

After about 30 minutes the regular lights came back on and we continued our game. At this point, I discovered that I was in the lead out of the four adults and that was just crazy because I NEVER bowl that well. My Josh was very shocked to say the least because normally he is the one that is in the lead when it comes to any kind of sport. Guess it was my lucky day...

Eli had his own little bit of luck and was able to pick up a spare during one of his turns. He was so shocked when all the pins were knocked down. It was lots of fun to watch him!

I kept having the most amazing bowling game I've ever had in my life and my Josh was just not having it. He came back from way behind and in the end he and I tied. Unbelievable! When it came down to the end he was great under pressure and I really wasn't. We had lots of fun picking on each other though and for once in my life I can say that I did a sport equally as well as he did. Woo Hoo!

We ate lunch and rested a little bit back at the condo and then Eli and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. By then the weather had cleared a little bit and it wasn't raining. We had fun walking along the shore, chasing each other, and finding seashells. I love beach life!

It wasn't the kind of beach day that we had expected, but it turned out to be a really fun day. We went to bed crossing our fingers and hoping that our last day on the beach would be pretty! 

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