Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lillie!

We have three sets of new neighbors in our neighborhood and we are so excited! All three of the neighbors have kids Eli's age so that makes it even better. A couple weeks ago, we were invited to Lillie's 2nd birthday party and we had so much fun. Josh and I are friends with Lillie's parents, Adam and Shannon. They've been building for about a year and they finally moved in. Their house is beautiful! Lillie's birthday party was their first party at their new house and we were so happy to go! They had a water slide and all the kids-big and little- had a great time! 

Eli's latest thing he does when I tell him to stop and take a picture of him is to stick out his tongue. 
Isn't that just cute? Little stinker!

I loved Lillie's cake!

Singing Happy Birthday to Lillie.

My little blond haired blue-eyed boy!

Eli and Mr. Ryan had TONS of fun on the slide together. The party started at 5:30 and around 8:30 I told Eli that we HAD to walk back home. It was getting late and he needed to go to bed. I told him he could slide 3 more times and then we had to go home. He slid down one time and then he held up both of his hands and signaled that he wanted 10 more slides. Well, I relented :) It is summer after all...Unfortunately, Ryan caught on to Eli's game so after every time they slid down, this is what they did for me. Can't you just see the pure glee on Eli's face? He was having such a great time! We did finally make it home and Eli crashed within minutes. We had such a fun time at Lillie's party and we're so glad they're in our neighborhood now! We're looking forward to many more play dates with all of Eli's new friends.

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