Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Summer Fun

Our summer is FLYING by at warp speed. I can't believe it's already July! In fact, a girl I teach with posted that school starts for us in less than 30 days. NO!!! How is that even possible? It's going to be hard for me to get back into a normal routine because it's been so nice to not have any real plans this summer. We've been super busy doing all kinds of fun stuff so here's a quick recap of June...

1. I went to the beach with my girlfriends.
2. We went to the beach with the Hargons.
3. Mom and I went to see WICKED in NOLA.
4. We landscaped the backyard area around the pool (blog post to come).
5. We planted a garden.
6. I designed my school's yearbook for the fifth year in a row. 
7. We visited the library and got to see lots of fun guests.
8. We attended birthday parties for friends.
9. We saw Monsters University. 
10. We played, painted, created, and had lots of fun just being at home!
11. We visited Grammy, Pop, Andrea, Joshua, and Tinsley.
12. We went to the aquarium with Grammy, Pop, Kailey, and Caleb (blog post to come).

Here's a quick look in pictures at some of our June fun. 

Eli drives the lawn mower better than me...I'm not lying.
He likes to take me for a ride around the yard on it 
(The blade is disengaged when he does this for all you who worry like I do!)

Eli got his booster shots he needed for school.
Not a fun outing, but a necessary one.

We saw Harvey Rabbit at the library.

He got some new Superman pajamas and wore them a couple nights in a row :)

We did a little bit of painting.

We created some buildings with blocks.

Eli helped his Daddy on the Jeep.

Angela and I made our debut as wedding directors for our friend, Kayla's, wedding.

We saw Monsters University.

We saw a magic show at the library.

We visited our local bakery for a sweet treat.

We celebrated Eli's friend Thomas' 4th birthday.

That was our June in a nutshell. Now we're making lots of fun memories before school starts in less than 30 days. We're going to soak up as much fun and sun as we can!

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