Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden Update

Our garden is growing and thriving and we have really started to enjoy the fruits (vegetables) of our labor. A few weeks ago, everything was blooming and starting to produce tiny vegetables.

Baby snap beans

Baby lima beans


Baby purple hull peas

Since then we have picked several times in the garden and everything is tasting so good!

First of the squash and zucchini

First of the purple hull peas

While Josh and I were shelling the peas, we started reminiscing about how we used to pick vegetables in our grandparents' gardens. Fun times! We showed Eli how to shell the peas and he started to help as well. I hope this will help him want to eat more veggies since he actually had a part in growing these!

Two days later, we had more purple hull peas that were ready.

Two days after that we had more! So far we've been able to put up about 3 gallons of purple hull peas. I think we'll have more to put away very soon too! I love all these fresh veggies!

Just for fun I thought I'd show you my standard gardening outfit. Our garden is so thick and full that it's hard to walk between the rows. I'm deathly scared of snakes so I wear steel toe rubber boots every time I go pick. Josh makes fun of me, but I don't care. If it protects me from snakes, I'm all for it. I usually jump in the pool with Josh and Eli after I pick, so a couple days ago I thought nothing about my outfit when I walked out to the garden. Josh got a kick out of it though and made me pose. Just call me Farmer Amanda :)

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