Friday, July 12, 2013

Fourth of July-2013

For the Fourth of July, my family came to visit and spend the day with us. Diane, Josh, and Hannah also stopped by to visit for a little bit. We had lots of fun grilling, swimming in the pool, and spending time with each other. I got to love on my sweet niece, Tinsley, too! It's hard to believe that she's going to be one next month! Where did this year go?? 

Eli and Hannah had a chicken fight rematch. Eli won the first game and Hannah won the second. 

Then my crazy husband decided it'd be fun for us to chicken fight Josh and Diane. I'm always up for some fun so I climbed on his shoulders. The Hargons were scared though and didn't take the bait. Haha! Since we didn't chicken fight, Josh thought he'd scare me to death instead and got out of the pool with me still on his shoulders and JUMPED OFF THE DIVING BOARD! You can tell by my face that I was scared for several reasons:

1.) That I was going to fall off his shoulders and break something. 
2.) That we were going to break the diving board in half.
3.) That I was going to get a concussion from hitting the diving board when we jumped in the pool.
4.) All of the above or something worse.

Thankfully, none of those things happened and Eli now thinks we're pretty cool parents :) If he ever decides to do what we did though, I'm pretty sure I'll flip my lid!

Josh's next pool trick involved Eli. Basically, Eli gets into a very tight little ball and Josh throws him in the air. Eli flips like Sonic the Hedgehog and does a perfect landing in the water. Eli LOVES it and always comes up smiling from ear to ear. Scares me to death every single time though...

Josh and Hannah tried it and Hannah was great, too!

I love these two little daredevils!

Tinsley really wasn't having a great day. She was cutting teeth and not feeling all that great. (Andrea found out a couple days later that she had lots of fluid in her ears. Poor baby!) We went inside so Tinsley could eat her lunch before we ate ours. 

Josh manned the grill this day and did a FABULOUS job! Everything tasted wonderful!

After lunch, Tinsley and Eli played a little bit together with some of Eli's toys. I kept back some toys of his that are really too young so that when Tinsley visited she'd have something to play with. What ended up happening though is that Eli rediscovered these toys and wanted to play with them. 

We spent a couple more hours playing in the pool and having fun and then they all had to leave. It was such a fun Fourth of July. I'm really glad my family is so close now! I love that we can be together for holidays and other special occasions. 

After my family left, we rested and had some down time and then got ready for the annual fireworks show down at the river front. The only negative was that it started at 9 PM. Oh's summer! The fireworks show was great but the best part was sharing it with my boys. I'm so thankful for them and I'm so thankful to live in a country that's free. Thank you, God, for all my many blessings and for the men and women who fight for those blessings every single day. Happy Fourth of July!

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