Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family Beach Trip 2013-Day Three

Our second day on the beach was even prettier than the first. The sky was so blue and the water was beautiful! We couldn't wait to be beach bums!

We basically had a repeat of the day before-building sand castles, riding boogie boards, snacking, running on the beach, finding seashells, and having lots of fun!

Today was the day that Eli decided to brave the waves and learn how to boogie board. He was such a trooper! I loved watching him catch the waves and ride them into shore. 

After some "rest time" for all the kiddos, we all got ready for dinner that night. We decided to take it easy and just went to a pizza restaurant that night so the guys could watch the LSU ballgame. 

My handsome hubby :)

While the guys finished watching the game, Diane and I took the kids outside for some pictures. They turned out so cute!

Best friends!

We were having so much fun we decided to head to The Track so the kids could have even more fun! Eli was able to drive his first go-cart. It looked a little like "Driving Miss Daisy" because of how slow he went but he had a blast!

After riding a few rides, everyone wanted to head over to the big track so they could race. I opted out of the racing so I could take pictures and video of everyone. They had so much fun!

After the go-carts it was time for some bumper boats where they got to squirt each other with water guns. Everyone got soaked but had the best time! Towards the end of the night it started to rain (a foreshadowing of the next day) so we packed it up and headed back to the condo. We'd had such a great day, but now we were ready to rest!

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