Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Landscaping and Gardening

Landscaping and gardening are quickly becoming two of my new favorite hobbies. I've really enjoyed being able to landscape and take care of the plants in our front yard. When spring came this year, I could not wait to get new plants for my pots and my flower beds. It's something I genuinely looked forward to. The plan was to landscape the backyard and by the pool this year, so I didn't have to do much in the front yard. So much of what we planted last year came back in full force this year. I changed out the plants I had in the pots and then planted a few annuals in my beds. Everything else stayed the same. It's so colorful right now that last night after I finished weeding I couldn't wait to take pictures!

I have two pots like this one by my back door.
I planted sweet potato vine and lantana in them. 

Looking toward the front of my house
My salvia came back and it looks better this year than last!

Our agapanthus plants have gone crazy! One plant had ten stalks ready to bloom on it. 
I love how they look when they're in full bloom!

My laripe came back and I just planted some vinca in front of it this year. 

The pots by the front door.
They have dusty miller, sword fern, and million bells in them.

Our knock-out roses have grown so much since last year!

Purple wave petunia by the pool

My containers by the pool have vinca, million bells, lantana, sweet potato vine  
and a grass whose name I can't remember.

Our compost barrel we got from Josh's Uncle Gerald.
I'm so excited about composting and using it to add nutrients to our garden and plants!

Our garden as of June 4th
It's gotten BIG!

Hopefully, within the next week I'll be posting pictures of blooms and vegetables growing! I'm so happy that our little plants are growing the way they're supposed to be!


Louisiana Bride said...

Oh fun! I can't wait for us to buy a house next year so I can start a garden. Your flowers look amazing!

debbie brocato said...

amanda, you did a great job on your yard. it is so colorful and so your home. so proud for you and josh and eli...

Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

Jeremy Beauregard said...

Your yard landscape made your house stand out even more. It also gave your house a fresh accent and beautiful curb appeal. It certainly looks like a haven when the flowers are in full bloom. Just maintain it that way. Keep it up!
Jeremy Beauregard @ Flowers' Gardens & Landscapes

Kevin Kurkowski @ Pro Cut Lawn Care said...

It's clear that all the effort you've put into landscaping and gardening has paid off. The blooms add a nice touch of color and really livens up your home. By the way, how's the vegetable garden going?

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