Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family Beach Trip 2013-Day One

So let me clarify before I begin yet another post about a vacation I took...I do not normally go on back-to-back-to-back vacations! It just so happened this year that the girls beach trip, going to see WICKED, and our family beach trip were days apart from each other. It all makes me feel extremely thankful! I'm so glad that I have a job where I have my summers off and can go and do fun things with my friends and family! Okay, back to the mega-vacationathon...

Eli and I got back from our weekend with my parents on Monday. We had two days of down time at the house until we left for the beach again with our friends, The Hargon Family. I basically unpacked all my clothes, washed them, and then packed them in the suitcase again. Hard to complain about that when you're going to the beach again! We left early Thursday morning because we knew that since we were traveling with little people we'd be stopping more frequently. Since there were so many of us (well, actually so many of them!) we just caravanned with each other.

Our first stop was at the Newk's in Gulfport. This was the first time that Eli and Hannah had actually seen each other so they were pretty excited. Since I was the self-designated photographer of the trip I decided to start the pictures here :)

After our WONDERFUL meal at Newk's (How I wish we had one where we live!) we managed to travel the rest of the way with only one quick stop to the Target in Foley. We finally made it to the condo and I quickly announced that no one was to touch or move anything until I had pictures of our home for the next week. I knew that it wouldn't look like this while we were "living" in it during the week and I wanted to remember it the way it was because it was beautiful!

We all went out on the balcony to view the beach below. GORGEOUS!!!

We decided that just looking at it from the balcony wasn't enough so we all went down to the beach so we could "put our feet in the water." Of course, the kids did that and more! Luckily, it didn't come as any shock to me when the kids put more than just their feet in :)

The kids designated spot for pictures during the week.

View of our condo from the beach.

One last picture before letting the kids go run and play.

The kids had a blast and it was a great preview to how the rest of our week was going to be at the beach. They all LOVED playing and splashing in the water! 

The adults enjoyed being on the beach just as much as the kids did!

After the kids were thoroughly soaked, we all went back to the condo, gave the kiddos baths, and got them ready for bed. Since we'd had such a long day of traveling we decided to just grill hamburgers and hot dogs at the condo for our meal that night. Everyone was happy about that decision! We all couldn't wait to spend our first day at the beach the next day!

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