Saturday, June 15, 2013

Girls' Beach Trip-2013

Right after school ended I was able to go on my annual girls trip to the beach. Oh, how I LOVE the beach! It was absolutely wonderful to have several days of relaxation with the girls. We got there Tuesday afternoon and immediately hit the beach for a couple of hours. It was great! The next morning I woke up early and took my cup of coffee outside to sit on the balcony and enjoy this...

Mornings at the beach are by far my favorite. 

We had a couple of days of sunny weather and then one day where it was cloudy, but we made it to the beach almost every day that we were there. I've gotten to know a lot of these girls better since last year's beach trip and I'm so thankful for all the new friendships I have made over the past year. These girls are so much fun to be around and I enjoy all the times we are able to get together. 

One of my closest friendships that resulted from last year's beach trip is with my neighbor, Angela. She and I barely knew each other last summer but over the course of this year we've gotten really close. In January, she asked if I would start running with her at night to exercise and in a completely crazy, out of character moment for me, I said, "Yes!" Now six months later, I'm SO GLAD I did. We started doing the Couch to 10K program and I immediately started seeing results. We've had to work around each other's schedules but we've stuck with it and I'm so proud of how far I've come. We've actually even set a goal for ourselves and have signed up to run the St. Jude half-marathon in Memphis in December. I can't wait! She and I took the beach trip to rest and relax but we've been running with each other ever since we got back!

A lot of my girlfriends that went on the trip go to a personal trainer two-three times a week (They've asked me to go with them, but I'm happy with my one exercise commitment right now.) and while we were at the beach their trainer, Alice, sent them some exercises they needed to do. Since I don't go to Alice, I volunteered to take pictures and video of them doing all their crazy exercises :)

This was during their "Plank-Off"!

Racing each other up and down the beach.

There are a lot more pictures, but you get the idea! Every night after we had spent the morning/afternoon on the beach, we got all dolled up and went out to eat somewhere together. I loved this part because we were able to eat at a lot of local restaurants that had WONDERFUL food. It was yummy!

Angela and Dara

All the girls that went on the trip this year.
Shannon, Brandi, Jackie, Angela, Dara, Lindsey, Kayla, and Crystal

Angela and me

Dara, Lindsey, Angela, Brandi

Shannon, me, Kayla

One of my friends that went on the trip, Kayla, is getting married June 22nd so while we were at the beach we had her Bachelorette party. We all wore coordinating monogrammed tank tops and made rainbow colored tutus to go with them. We had lots of fun that night celebrating her upcoming marriage!

On our last night at the beach we went to a nice restaurant called Cobalt. It's so pretty and relaxing there. They serve delicious food and the scenery is beautiful! We always take lots of pictures together when we go here.

Angela and me

Crystal, Dara, me

The morning I had to leave to go home I woke up earlier than usual so I could take a long morning walk on the beach one last time. I loved having this quiet time every day surrounded by God's beautiful creation. My week at the beach with the girls was such fun and I can't wait until next year when we can go again. I'm so thankful that I've gotten close to these girls over the past year and for the friendships that have been formed as a result. I have such a great time when I'm with them. It was a great week and I'm so glad I was able to go!

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