Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Addi!

May is a busy month for our family. We have birthdays, Mother's Day, end of school activities, baseball games...the list goes on and on. We love it though because it keeps us on the go and we get to do lots of fun things. One beautiful Sunday afternoon in May we went to Addi's 3rd birthday party. It's so hard to believe that this little girl is already 3! She's grown up so fast and is such a spunky little thing. She had a farm themed birthday party and it was lots of fun! Addi had a petting zoo come to her house. She had a pony, alligator, ducks, rabbits, goats, and even a pig! All the kids loved getting the chance to pet and hold these animals. I think all the kids enjoyed getting to ride the miniature pony the best. 

Eli quickly found Mamaw at the party and snuggled in her lap for a little bit. 
He ADORES her!

Addi and Eli petting the bunny rabbit.

Cute little farm girl :)

Cheesing for the camera.

Jordan and Jessie
Jordan is due with a baby girl, GraceAnn, any day now!

Me, Jordan, and Jessie

Jessie being brave holding the alligator.

Grant playing in the jumper.

Jessie and Grant

Addi riding the pony, Samson.

She wasn't too happy about having to get off the pony.

My little cowboy

After all the kids had a turn riding on Samson, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and open birthday gifts. Everyone gathered around and started singing to Addi.

Addi was just diagnosed with a wheat allergy so she couldn't eat her big birthday cake, but she did get to have a "special" cake all to herself. She loved it! It was a great birthday party! We're so glad we were able to make it! Happy 3rd Birthday, Addi!

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