Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Swimming with Friends

School has officially ended and we are loving it! We have been so busy since school got out just having fun, fun, and more fun! The end of school and the start of summer can only mean one thing for our family...POOL TIME! We are LOVING our pool because where we live it's already so incredibly hot! Doing some sort of water activity is the only way to beat the heat. 

We love getting to share our pool with friends and family so we were so excited when the Hargons and the Shirleys got to come hang out with us by the pool two weekends in a row. The kids had a blast swimming and playing with each other and the adults cooked some fabulous food! That is what summer is all about-swimming, playing, great friends, and great food! You can't beat it!

Eli and Hannah...BEST FRIENDS!

They loved jumping into the pool together.

Josh and Diane's oldest, Joshua, trying to catch the football.

Time for a chicken fight!

Eli gave it his best, but Hannah's a tough little girl!

He did beat Marlie though :)

The Winner!

Time for some crawfish! YUMMY!

Looking at all the crawfish and declaring that they were NOT going to eat them!

Josh and Diane

Our strong men shucking oysters for us :)

Some of the kids playing in the sandbox

Chargrilled oysters...OH.MY.GOODNESS.
They were FABULOUS!

My crazy crawfish man

Louisiana's finest!

All the kids ate hotdogs and chips and then went right back to playing. They all played so well together!

Molly, Eli, Hannah, Meredith

Jackson driving the Jeep.

Diane loved the crawfish! 

Josh and Diane, Whest and Dara

Hannah, Jackson, Meredith, Molly, and Eli

Lots of fun was enjoyed by all! I can't wait until we can all get together again!

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