Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Beach Trip 2013-Day Two

Our first official day at the beach was also Josh's 34th birthday. Happy Birthday, Josh! Being at the beach is a pretty great way to spend your birthday :) We started our day with homemade blueberry sour cream muffins. If you've never made them, you're missing out. They are literally the best blueberry muffins I've ever tasted. Go on and click that won't regret it :)

Then it was time to get ready for the beach. Josh, Eli and I were the first to get ready so we walked down to claim our spot for the day on the beach. The weather was a little overcast, but otherwise perfect. 

Eli and Josh started their morning off by jumping the waves together. This became one of Eli's favorite activities to do while we were at the beach.

The Hargon family made it down to the beach and I made them take one picture before they all split up and started playing. Aren't they cute?

The rest of our day was spent enjoying the beach, having fun, building sand castles, riding waves, sunbathing, and relaxing. It was a perfect first day!

All the kids really enjoyed riding the waves on their boogie boards.

Even the BIG kids :)

Around lunchtime the Hargons went up to the condo to eat lunch and nap while we stayed on the beach for a little longer and ate our lunch down there. We wanted to enjoy as much time near the ocean as we possibly could! After we ate, we spent a couple more hours playing together before heading up to the condo for "rest time." I figured out if I called it "rest time" as opposed to "nap time", Eli was more apt to lay in the bed and eventually drift off to sleep. It worked like a charm every single day :)

After everyone had time to shower and rest, we all got ready to go eat and celebrate Josh's birthday. It had been a fantastic day at the beach full of fun in the sun. We couldn't wait for more!

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