Saturday, October 19, 2013

Eli's 1st Soccer Game

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Eli and I had to leave Grammy and Pop's house early Sunday morning so we could make it back in time for his first soccer game. We were all so excited for opening day! Before we left, I took some pictures of Eli in his soccer uniform at our house.

We got to the soccer fields and the first thing they did was take their team pictures. The sun was really bright so Eli informed the photographer that he'd like to do the "1-2-3 open your eyes" trick. Every time the photographer got to "3", Eli opened his eyes really wide and also opened his hand at the same time. It was pretty funny. I'll be curious to see what his pictures from the photographer end up looking like. 

After all the individual shots, they took a team photo. Eli is one of the youngest players on his team. Most of the other kids are in kindergarten or first grade, but he doesn't seem to notice the age or size difference. 

They had a quick team meeting before the game started and then it was time to take the field. 

Eli was ready to go!

I wish I could tell you tons of details about the game, but I'm really pretty clueless. I played one season in high school, but it was on a co-ed team and the girls really didn't get to play that much. Josh has never played soccer at all or watched it, so we're kind of learning as we go. If this becomes a sport Eli truly enjoys, we might have to buy a "Soccer for Dummies" book. 

Pretty soon it was halftime and one of Eli's favorite parts of soccer...refreshment time :)

So you know that kid who always likes to ask questions? Yeah, he's ours :) Eli LOVES to ask Coach Jimmy questions during the game. Unfortunately, a couple of times it was to ask if it was his turn to take a break. LOL! I just about died! I finally told him that he was not allowed to ask that question anymore! He'd get a break when Coach Jimmy said he could. We're definitely going to have to work on his endurance and stamina :)

The game finally ended and then it was time to shake hands with the other team. Our one little girl on our team quickly told those boys how to get in line. She's got some definite leadership skills. 

Our team got their first win! Woo hoo! What a great start to Eli's first soccer season. 

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