Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome, Harley Clare!

Our little circle of friends has a brand new baby to love on and she's just perfect! Harley Clare Johnson was born on August 15th to Tammy's daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Will. I was supposed to take pictures of Miss Harley's grand entrance, but she ended up needing a C-Section to get out so I didn't get to take pictures until after I got off work. I went to pick Eli up from school and then we both went to the hospital to meet this little sweetie. 

Sarah, Will, Tammy, Clare, Ben (Sarah's brother), Emily (Ben's wife), and Zue-Zue were all there loving on Miss Harley. She was precious and perfect in every way!

Will and Sarah with their sweet little girl. 

Eli checked out Harley and then made himself comfortable on 
Emily's lap with my phone while I went picture crazy :)

Tammy and Clare with their two girls. 

Tammy and Clare are over the moon about their first grandbaby!

Clare holding his granddaughter who's named after him :)

I took this photo of Clare while he was talking to Harley saying, 
"You know you're loved, right? Because you are. I love you so much!"

Tammy and Clare are going to be the best grandparents to Harley!

Sarah and Harley with Ben and Emily

Mammy with her two babies.

After taking pictures, I finally got my hands on her. She was just precious!

Oh, I miss those sweet baby days. They're so squishy and soft. 
I love all the little baby noises they make :)

The sign I painted for Harley's arrival :)

Welcome to the world, Miss Harley Clare Johnson! I am so glad you are finally here and we can love on you! I can't wait to watch you grow up into a beautiful little girl! 

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