Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No More Training Wheels!

Over Labor Day weekend, Josh's dad "Grandpa E" came to stay with us for a few days. We were all excited to see him because it had been since Christmas since he and Eli had seen each other. He got to our house late Friday night and we were able to visit with him for a little bit before Eli had to go to bed. 

The next morning after several cups of coffee and a trip to the donut shop, we decided that since "E" was here it was a great weekend to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels. We tried this back at my parents house during Thanksgiving, but Eli just didn't have the right mindset then. Eli's totally my kid because if his mind is not in the right place and he doesn't think he can do it, then it's just not even going to work out. Same way with me. I'm such a perfectionist and I can remember not doing things when I was little just because I knew I couldn't do them perfectly. Yeah, I know that's all kind of wrong, but that's just the way I am was. 

I told Josh to talk to Eli and to get him excited about learning to ride his bike without training wheels. Josh is very good at talking to Eli and convincing him to try new things. Eli listens to him so well and really tries his best to do it just like Daddy said. It didn't take long and Eli was ready to try. Please ignore the vagabond look my child is sporting in these pictures. Eli dressed himself and I didn't feel the need to tell him that he didn't match. 

Josh explained what Eli needed to do and then they were off. Eli didn't get very far that first time and we realized that he needed something on his hands to prevent them from getting road rash. We came up with the idea of "crash gloves" using his winter gloves from last year. Once he had those, it was on! 

Josh, Grandpa E, and I all ran with/beside him a couple of times and then we all heard, "Let me go! I got this!" Lo and behold, he was right! He was riding his bike by himself without any training wheels. It was such a proud Mommy moment for me right then! I was smiling from ear to ear. I couldn't believe my baby had accomplished such a huge milestone for a little kid :)

His form wasn't exactly "pretty" at first, but he didn't give up. It took awhile for him to find his center.

Once Eli had the basics down and could stay upright on his bike, we decided to go to Wal-Mart and get him a bigger bike. He'd had his Lightning McQueen bike for about three years and his little legs were almost hitting the handlebars every time. We bought the only bike they had in his size and it was perfect. It even said ROCKET on it :) Eli was so proud and couldn't wait to get home to try it out.

Eli, Josh, and Grandpa E continued to work on Eli's form and by the end of the day, he was riding like a champ!

Look at that focus!

The next day was another great day for more bike riding. Eli was MUCH more confident and couldn't wait to go riding on his new bike. We all took turns riding with him around the neighborhood. 

His newfound confidence also made him very brave and he started taking little risks. He found out that he loved going down the hill on our driveway. It was quite the thrill for him!

We took a nice break from bike riding and went to have lunch at our local coffee shop. Eli ate the majority of his food, so Grandpa E bought him the biggest chocolate chip muffin I'd ever seen! Eli was just slightly excited about it :)

Afterwards we came home and did even more bike riding. Eli wanted to ride his bike so much the adults finally started a rotation process. We each took a turn going around the neighborhood with Eli. To say he loved riding his bike would definitely be an understatement!

Eli and Josh

Eli and Grandpa E

I'm so proud of my little guy! He didn't give up and now he can ride his bike like a pro! It was such a fun and exciting weekend to see him accomplish this important milestone! I'm glad that Grandpa E got to be a part of all the fun! I'm looking forward to all the bike rides we'll be taking in the future :)

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Nicki Glenn said...

Still so impressed that he learned at such an early age. And, that he inspired Jonah!

Have I mentioned that Jonah asked why I've never let him play Rugby? In your wildest dreams, can you imagine him playing Rugby? HAHAHAHA

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