Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kailey and Caleb Get Married: The Big Day

Wedding Day finally arrived and we were all excited. Since so many people were staying at Mom and Dad's house, Eli and I went to my brother's house to spend the night with them so we'd have a place to get ready for the wedding. We woke up bright and early, ate some breakfast, and then the kids played while the adults ironed clothes, packed bags, and started getting ready for the wedding themselves. While I was getting ready, I couldn't help but snap a picture of Eli and Tinsley playing with her Barbie Dream House with "the toilet that flushes for real" (that's a direct quote from the radio ad Toy-R-Us did at Christmas). I'll hold on to this picture until Eli's a teenager and then pull it out when I need a favor :)

We all got dressed and then drove to The Berry Barn. My brother, Eli, Tinsley and Jameson all had to be there early for pictures before the wedding started. 

Tinsley looked so cute in her monogrammed floral robe. She was excited about all the fun she was going to have getting her hair and makeup done with all the big girls.

While Tinsley was off getting dressed with the girls, Jameson got ready with the boys. Josh helped him with his bow tie and vest. He and Eli both looked so handsome!

My Dad and Mom grabbed Caleb and they said a quick prayer asking for God's blessing on Caleb and Kailey and thanking him for the beautiful wedding they were going to have.

Once everyone was dressed we played around in the photo booth until it was time for everyone's pictures with the professional photographer. 

Since we were the first ones there, we also all signed a Jenga piece for Kailey and Caleb. Now they'll think of us every time they play! 

They called Caleb for pictures so Dad helped him with the final touches on his outfit. 

Tinsley came back from getting dressed with the big girls and she looked like a snow princess. She was adorable! I loved the pictures of her with all the bridesmaids and Kailey.

Kailey had two photographers for her wedding and that worked out great because one was able to photograph her and the bridesmaids getting ready and one was able to photograph Caleb and his groomsmen. These are pictures the photographer took of Kailey that I thought were just beautiful. 

Look how excited she is! 

Kailey and her first baby, Scrappy. He LOVES his mama!

Kailey with her parents, Pete and Shelly.

What a dapper little dude. 

When they called the boys outside for their pictures I went with them and it was SOOO cold! If there was one downside to the entire wedding it would have to be the weather. It was cloudy, windy, and very cold!

Jameson was SO OVER taking pictures. 

Guests started arriving and before we knew it the time had come for the wedding to start. We all went outside and took our seats. Thankfully, my mom had brought some flannel blankets so the girls were able to keep their legs warm. Caleb took his place at the front and waited for his bride :)

Eli and Tinsley did a great job. Eli escorted Tinsley down the aisle and they were so cute together. 

Then it was Jameson's turn to walk down carrying the rings. Poor baby, those barns doors closed and he turned around and looked at them for a long time before finally making his way down the aisle. His little face looked like this the whole time. He couldn't wait to drop that pillow off and go to his Mommy!

The ceremony was beautiful. We laughed, we cried, and we all celebrated with Caleb and Kailey as they said their vows to each other. It was a beautiful moment. 

Before the preacher announced that Caleb could kiss Kailey I made sure to have my camera ready. Eli is at that stage where kissing is just gross so I knew he'd do something when they kissed and I was right :)

The ceremony was quick (thank goodness!) and as soon as Caleb and Kailey made it back into the barn all the guests followed. We were ready for some warmth! Caleb and Kailey left to take their pictures while everyone else found their seats and started eating. I snapped a picture of my two cuties while we waited for Kailey and Caleb to come inside. 

Caleb and Kailey's pictures turned out so pretty!

Once their bride and groom pictures were finished, Kailey and Caleb had their first dance. They were so sweet to watch.  I may have cried a little watching my baby brother dance with his true love. 

The bridal party's dance made me laugh. They all did the Whip and Nae-Nae! I laughed so hard I cried watching these guys dance, especially my two goofy brothers. 

Then it was time for the Father/Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance.

Once the obligatory dances were over, everyone jumped on the dance floor and started to party. Our side of the family isn't known for partying, but Kailey's people know how to live it up! They were fun to watch on the dance floor and showed our family how to have fun! I even got out there a few times and danced and that NEVER happens.

While everyone was dancing and having a good time, the DJ would announce for certain groups of people to take their pictures with Kailey and Caleb. I like how they staggered the photos because it let people have fun and eat until it was their turn.

The DJ was awesome and Kailey picked out a great playlist. They played such a great mix of music that everyone was able to have fun and let loose. 

Cousin pic :)

Love my brothers :)

Our little family

Kailey and Caleb got married on January 1st. 
On January 3rd, Josh and I would celebrate 14 years of marriage. WOW!

My dad and his sisters.

Mom and Dad holding their wedding picture from 35 years ago.
Still in love :)

 I even let this little guy spin me around the dance floor a couple of times.

After some dancing it was time for the bouquet throw and the garter throw. Kailey went first and her good friend Dorothy caught the bouquet. 

Then it was time for the guys.

All the single men went out to the dance floor, including Eli.

Notice all the fake lunging while my son fully commits to catching the garter. LOL!

 Eli was the lucky guy to catch it. No wedding anytime soon though!

Kailey and Caleb cut their cake and then several people gave toasts. All the cakes were delicious! 

We spent the rest of the night dancing and celebrating together as one giant family. It was lots of fun! My dad's dance moves cracked me up. He's doing the "Weekend at Bernie's" dance. LOL!

We love these guys!

Ginger, Kailey, Caleb

Grandma with the happy couple. 

The time finally came for Kailey and Caleb to leave so everyone grabbed a sparkler and lined the walkway to their car. It was so pretty watching the happy walk by in the sparkly glow.

And just like that my youngest brother grew up, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. But that's not the end of their love story...

Kailey and Caleb are going to be parents in May and I get a new niece. Hooray for new beginnings! 

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