Thursday, June 30, 2016

Spring Break Beach Trip-Day 3 (Family Beach Pictures)

When we got back to the condo from our miniature golf and shopping we changed clothes and headed down to the beach for family beach pictures. I've learned that with my boys I have to have a plan in mind and get pictures over with as soon as possible. Neither one of them are fans of my picture taking obsession so I know they put up with it because they love me. 

Eli went first and when I was reviewing the pictures on my camera later that evening I noticed just how grown up he looked to me. He's growing and changing so much.  

His smile felt very forced to me so Josh went into "make Eli laugh" mode and we got quite the array of expressions from Eli. 

Then it was my turn in front of the camera with Eli. I love this little boy with all my heart and consider it such a blessing that God picked me to be his mother. 

After a couple of pictures with mom, it was time for some with Dad. Oh, what a wonderful relationship these two have. They are quite the pair and I love watching them spend time doing the things they love and have in common with each other. 

It was about this point I was nearing my photo limit so we did a couple of family pictures using the self timer on my camera. One of these days I'll bite the bullet and hire a professional photographer to take pictures of us but for now these will have to do :) 

Josh and I took a quick couple picture and then we were done. We had officially finished family beach pictures! Hooray for us! Until next year...

We were walking away from the beach heading back up to the condo and I noticed the gorgeous sunset behind us. What a beautiful ending to a great day!

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