Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Family Christmas-2015

Eli woke us up bright and early (5:00 AM) to tell us that Santa Claus had been to our house. He was so excited and couldn't wait to see what was under the tree! I grabbed my camera, started the coffee (really strong coffee), and went into the living room with Eli. 

Eli knew that Christmas Eve was Elfis' last night with us, but he was excited to see that Elfis had left him a new Christmas movie. We love all the Buddies movies and knew this one would be great just like all the others!

This year Eli's three gifts he asked for from Santa were a set of drums, a Buzz Lightyear laser gun, and new arrows for his bow he got for his birthday. The first thing Eli grabbed was the Buzz Lightyear laser gun. He started blasting everything around him! 

He was momentarily distracted from his three gifts when he noticed how full his stocking was. He grabbed it and started going through it to see what Santa had stuffed in there. 

Eli's loot from his stocking. 

My stocking

Josh's stocking

Eli started pulling out the presents from under the tree and passed them out. We didn't get him very much,  just a few little things. Josh and I normally do small gifts for each other or no gifts at all. It's so much more fun to watch Eli open all his! 

He got a new Swiss Army knife to use when he goes camping. 

New headphones

A new Bible

An LSU belt buckle

Eli found a letter from Santa Claus tucked in the Christmas tree and asked us to help him read it. Santa told him that there was one big gift from us and Grandpa E under the tree. He wanted Eli to open it last.

Eli was surprised to see that it was a set of electric drums! Josh, Grandpa E, and I wrote Santa and told him we wanted to get the drums for Eli and asked if Santa would get him new blue drumsticks. That sounded great to Santa so that's what we did!

My favorite picture I take every year is this one below. I love seeing the giant mess on the floor where lots of special Christmas memories are made every year. What a fun day!

While Josh started assembly on the drum set, I popped some cinnamon rolls in the oven and made more coffee. It was going to be a long morning :) Eli started playing with all of his gifts. 

It didn't take long and soon Eli was jamming along on his new drums! 

My favorite feature is the headphone option. This is biggest reason you get electric drums :)  Especially when your kid is just learning how to keep a beat...

My little rockstar in training

Eli with his Christmas gifts. 

After everything had been opened, Daddy came out with one more gift. It was a very special gift that Josh couldn't wait to give him...a new hunting gun (such a rite of passage for little boys down here in the South). Eli was bound and determined to kill a deer this season and he needed a hunting gun to do that. Josh and Eli were both excited about getting to use it on their next hunting trip. 

Barkley came in to get his Christmas gifts from Santa. I didn't get a picture of his gifts, but he got a brand new leather collar and a big Busy Bone from Santa. He loved them both :)

The rest of our Christmas morning was spent playing with all of Eli's new gifts. Zue-Zue came over to see everything that Eli got from Santa and she stayed and visited with us for a long time. Some of the grown ups might have taken naps, which were DESPERATELY needed! It was a fun day but it was over before we knew it. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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