Monday, November 16, 2009

12 Month Well Visit

Eli had his 12 month well visit today. It was so great to see Dr. R again. I absolutely love going to see her. I almost wish we had appointments every month because I get so much encouragement from her. I leave thinking that I'm doing okay on this parenting thing :)

Eli did great at the doctor's office. I wish I had pictures, but Josh was very sick (running a fever right now, so we've had to quarantine him in the other room) and I was by myself. It's kind of hard to take pictures of Eli when he's doing all his exploring especially in a waiting room full of other kids and parents. So, no pictures, but if I did have some, I'd show you the one of Eli pointing to all the cherries on the tree in the waiting room. He's pointing so well these days and I love that he's able to show us things that interest him now. I'd also show you the picture of him cheesing at this sweet little girl that was in the waiting room with us. She kept saying, "Him like me, Mama." "I'm gonna go see what him is doing now." Eli loved her and kept reaching out to touch her long, curly blond hair.

We got called to the back and they weighed and measured Eli. He wasn't a fan for several reasons. We went to a different scale and there wasn't a frog above this scale that went "Boing, boing" whenever you touched it. All this scale had was a flourescent light above it and what's interesting about that? Secondly, the lady made him strip down to his birthday suit to get his weight. He wasn't into streaking today. It was cold and he wanted his clothes back on his body! And lastly, the space near the scale was so narrow that his Mama couldn't stand next to him and that bothered him A LOT! Therefore, the nurse lady was not our favorite person today, but we made it through all the measurements and went back to the room to wait for Dr. R.

Here are Eli's 12 months stats:

Weight- 21 lbs. (25th percentile)
Height- 29 1/2 in. (50th-75th percentile)
Head- I forgot to ask what his head circumference was, but she said it was right on target for him

Once again, no pictures, but if I did I'd show you a picture of Eli turning the lights on and off while we waited for Dr. R and how excited he got every time he turned them off. We're still working on the "on" part so Mommy had to help with that.

Dr. R came and checked Eli and said he looked great. He's made the switch to whole milk, but the little stinker still won't drink milk cold. I plan on going cold turkey on him next week during Thanksgiving break. It's going to be rough, but it's what we need to do. I told her that he HATES baby food now and she said not to even try anymore. I've been giving him peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, mandarin oranges, bananas, eggs, peaches, and pears and he loves eating them like that. I've got to do better on the meat though so he can get his protein. He loves the Yo-Baby yogurt and eats that every day and is a big fan of all the Gerber snacks. He could live off the Wagon Wheels and Lil' Crunchies, I think!

I wouldn't show you the pictures of him screaming when he got his vaccinations today. That nearly broke my heart, but I know it's good for him in the long run. We won't go back to see Dr. R until his 15 month well visit. I can't wait to see all that he's doing and SAYING (so ready for words to start really coming!) by then!

-Mommy and Daddy, of course
-Being outside
-Climb-n-slide toy
-Throwing the ball
-Riding in his Tot Rod
-Eating his Gerber snacks
-Praise Baby
-Playing peek-a-boo
-Computers, remotes, phones
-Riding in his wagon
-Dancing when his Daddy plays the guitar
-Bouncing on your legs
-Being chased

-diaper changes
-getting clothes on
-getting shoes on
-being told "No" (he gets a really cute pouty face when that happens)
-having to come inside when he wants to stay outside

-can say "Da-Da" and has his own words for ball, light, and balloon (says the same sounds every time he sees those objects so I guess those are his "words" for those objects)
-pointing to everything
-cutting his molars (this will make 12 teeth for him once these come in!)
-walking more steadily (thank goodness!)

These past 12 months have been some of the best in my life! I ADORE my little boy and think he is the greatest thing in the entire world. Josh and I feel so blessed to have him in our lives. God has been so good to us and we are so thankful for all our blessings!


The Glenn Gang said...

18 months was the magic number for us! Josh and Diane kept saying "just wait until he turns 18 months. You will amazed at all he will start saying!" It was true. It was like he turned 18 months and his vocabulary exploded. SO FUN!!!

Can he say HOOKAH yet?

The Glenn Gang said...

Just looked this up to see what Eli was doing at this age that Micah isn't. :-)

But, I had to laugh at my last question of the previous comment I left. HA!

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