Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Back: Tenth Month

Eli started his tenth month off the right way...celebrating his favorite football team of all time...LSU! He had to go to bed right when the game started, but one day very soon, he'll be able to make it!

He also got to meet all of my mom's side of the family at the family reunion mom had at her house. It was so nice to see everyone again!

Eli and Hayden continued to have lots of fun together and with Ms. Ashley. Hayden's even smiling now! :)

But no matter how hard he played during the day, when he got home all he really wanted was to be with his Mommy. He started giving the BEST hugs ever and even some kisses!

He got a special gift in the mail from his Aunt Lisa in California and enjoyed getting to wear his Hawaiian shirt.

He also got his own cabinet in the kitchen full of cups, bowl, spoons, and books. He knew that whenever I was in the kitchen cooking, he could be in his cabinet. He loved picking up the cups, blowing into them, and using them like a megaphone. He would do that and just laugh hysterically!

His buddy, Hayden, turned one, so our family went to their house to celebrate He saw Ms. Ashley there and was a little confused as to why she was there on a Satuday.

With the change in weather, Eli and I started venturing outside much more and he turned into the best baby ever because of it. I have never seen a child love looking at things outside like Eli. He absolutely adores being outside! He's probably going to be one of those kids that I have to force to eat during the day because he would rather be outside playing ball. I'm so glad he loves outside though. He loves nothing more than to hear you say, "Eli, do you want to go outside?" He'll rush right to the door and start crying if you don't get outside fast enough :)

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