Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Back: Seventh Month

Ahhh, SUMMER! Eli's seventh month was all about relaxing and being home together again. The Verdel's kindly let us take over their pool again this year, so Eli and I spent many afternoons there playing in the water. We weren't able to stay very long because it was SO HOT, but we really enjoyed the time we did get to have there.

Eli also got to attend his first Vacation Bible School with Mommy. We boarded the Boomerang Express for a full week and had lots of fun. Eli went to the nursery and made lots of new friends.

An exciting accomplishment for Eli this month was he learned to pull up on his own. He first did it in his crib, but was soon doing it all over the house. We knew cruising would not be far behind!

We traveled to Grammy and Pop's house to celebrate Pop's 50th birthday and Daddy's 30th birthday. We had lots of fun!

I was so excited that Eli was finally getting to where he could try new textures with his food, instead of just pureed food. I bought him some Gerber puffs and this was his reaction...

He didn't know quite what to do with them, but he later learned! I can't tell you how many cans of puffs we have gone through this year!

Grammy and Pop bought Eli an inflatable pool for the backyard and he so much fun getting to splish splash in it. Maggie enjoyed it, too, but that was because she thought it was a gigantic water bowl!

My favorite memory from this month is that it is the month that Josh and I dedicated Eli to God. That was such a special day for our whole family. Eli is such a blessing to our lives and we wanted to tell God how thankful we are for him, but also that we want Him to help us as we raise him. We know that God has great plans in store for Eli and we can't wait to see what he does in his life!

Eli's hair was getting really long, so long in fact that when I tried to give him a mohawk, it curled instead! It still was the cutest mohawk I had ever seen!

Eli also cut his top four teeth AT ONCE! We tried our best to get a picture of it, but to no avail. I can tell he's going to have lots of fun at the dentist later on in his life :) After these four teeth, it brought his total number of teeth to 6! WOW!

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