Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looking Back: Ninth Month

The months kept getting better. Eli spent his ninth month really testing his feet and his balance. He got really brave and started letting go of the furniture he had been holding onto for a couple of months and started taking little steps. In true Eli fashion, he didn't just walk slowly either. No, he took off at a full run! The ninth month was the month that I really started having those heart stopping moments because Eli started walking AND falling much more!

We found him a Radio Flyer wagon for only $5.00 and started using it on our walks around our neighborhood. He LOVED it!

Grammy and Pop came back for a visit and Eli got to try lots of new things while they were here.

They let him try ice cream...

and they bought him a Leap Frog train, which he fell in love with on day one and still loves it now. Eli had Pop wrapped around his little finger and would get him to push him around all over the house.

We went back to the doctor again and were happy to discover that there wouldn't be any shots given! WOO HOO! They did have to prick his finger for some blood, but that was over in about 5 minutes.

Mommy started teaching again, so Eli went to stay at a new friend's house. He and Hayden had lots of fun every day with Ms. Ashley, their babysitter.

Eli also got some spelling lessons from Daddy. I'm so glad Daddy imparted this bit of wisdom onto his son. What would he ever have done without it? :)

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