Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eli's Birthday Celebration: Part 1

Friday, November 6th, was Eli's actual birthday, so I arranged to take the day off from work so we could do pictures with Jami Ainsworth, eat lunch with Daddy, clean the house for all our guests, and get party stuff ready for the next day. It was going to be a very, very busy day, but we were all so excited. Even Eli must have known something was up because he actually took a really good nap that day to prepare for all the upcoming festivities.

Earlier that morning, Josh was on the computer when he saw a status update from Debra M. on Facebook. She had posted "Happy Nachos Day!" Josh saw that and paused in silent tribute. Seriously, I don't know anyone that enjoys nachos more than my husband. If we ever have one of those, "fend for yourself for dinner" nights, nachos is always going to be his meal. He could eat nachos every day for the rest of his life and NEVER get tired of them. Do you understand his love of nachos yet? Once he saw that November 6th, our son's birthday, was Nachos Day, there was no way we could eat anything else for lunch. Josh said it was a sign from God that Eli had been born on such a momentous day. I don't know about that, but I did crave Mexican food A LOT when I was pregnant with Eli, so maybe that has something to do with it. We made plans to meet Josh at the restaurant, which happens to be right next door to the bank, for lunch that afternoon.

Eli and I went to see Jami for his 1 year pictures. It was so hard to believe that just last year she was doing his newborn pictures and now she was doing his one year pictures. Look at how much he has changed in just a year, especially his hair!

Newborn Pictures

One Year Pictures

Jami, did a BEAUTIFUL job as usual. I can't wait to see the rest of the images. It's going to be so hard to choose which ones I want! Thanks again, Jami!

We ran home for a bottle and nap, for Eli, not me, and then met Josh for lunch. In honor of Nachos Day, he had nachos and I had a chalupa. Nachos aren't really my thing at restaurants, but I love them at football and basketball games. Yummy! Eli enjoyed some rice, goldfish, fruit bar, and some yogurt. Maybe next year, he'll celebrate Nachos Day with his dad and actually eat nachos. The waiters were super nice and kept stopping by to talk to Eli while we were there and they made Eli's day when they brought him a balloon. They tried to give him the bill, but after he explained to them that it was his birthday, they passed it over to his daddy. What a wonderful birthday lunch!

Eli and I came home and I started cleaning and getting everything ready for the party the next day. I tried to bake, but it was kind of hard with my little man trying to climb my leg every 5 seconds, so I gave up on that until Josh made it home. Then I started some serious baking! I had a lot to bake before the party the next morning, but the best thing we baked that night was Eli's birthday cupcake.

We wanted to give him some practice for the next day, so I baked him a cupcake and Josh frosted it. You can look at the pictures below to see how much he enjoyed it :) There wasn't a crumb left when he was finished! We immediately went to give him a bath and then he got to stay up a little later than normal to work off the cupcake. Once he was really tired, he got his night time bottle and went to sleep. He was going to have a VERY busy day tomorrow, so he knew he needed his rest. Both of us could hardly wait! Our baby was turning 1!!!


Audra said...

Wow! He really DID enjoy that cupcake! Love his new 1 year pictures. He is such a handsome little boy!

I understand Josh's love of nachos. I, too, could eat nachos daily and never tire of them. People make fun of me because I always have rotel cheese dip in my fridge. It's a food staple, I tell you!

The Glenn Gang said...

Ok, I had to laugh when I saw you made a new tag "NACHOS" because we all know you only tag things that you know will be used lots.

And, as soon as I saw Debra's comment on Nachos, I knew Josh would be thrilled to know Eli was born on that day.

Katie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that second photo of Eli that Jami took. He's such a good looking child! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI

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