Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking Back: Eleventh Month

The eleventh month was jam-packed with lots of fun. Eli got to meet some new friends, Grace and Collin. He and Grace really got along great and Eli was enamored with her. He loved doing everything that she did.

Eli also got to meet Eli and Asa. Look at how cute they are!

The eleventh month was the month for bruises and falls and lots of bumps to the head. Eli fell off the couch, hit his head on the tub, hit his head on a chair rung, busted his lip twice, and fell and pushed two of his teeth backwards a little bit. I think my whole head of hair must have turned gray after all those falls! Praise God that he was okay even after all that!

Eli started eating a lot more table food. I tried my best to keep him on baby food, but he wasn't having any of it, so I had to start getting more creative. I found out that he LOVES my spaghetti, so we'll definitely be having that again.

Eli had lots of fun playing in his cabinet and started getting creative with his hats. :)

He also showed us that he has absolutely NO FEAR! He started climbing onto anything and everything. If he was an animal, he'd DEFINITELY be a monkey!

During the Balloon Race weekend, Grammy and Pop came down to visit again and brought Eli a special Halloween goody bag.

He also got to go see the sights down by the riverwalk with Grammy, Pop, and Mommy.

We met Zue-Zue at the mall and watched some hot air balloons fly over us (they were the only ones that we saw all weekend!).

Eli also got to try out Tommy's Harley motorcycle. I'm going to do my best to keep his interest away from these things as much as possible though!

We kept venturing outside and Eli's favorite thing to do was play in the grass and touch his tree. He loved finding his tree and pulling at the leaves or pointing to birds in the sky. His little eyes didn't miss a thing!

Eli's last "First Holiday" was Halloween. I can't believe that it happened that quickly. My baby boy seems to have grown up overnight. We went to Trunk-or-Treat at our church and had such a fun time with everyone. Eli went as a monkey. I went as the Mama monkey, and Josh went as Jack Hanna. What a fun fun night!

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