Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend-Dyeing Easter Eggs

Saturday night before Easter, we dyed eggs for Eli and Emily, my Uncle David's daughter, to hunt the next day. Eli loves to help so we let him do as much as he could for this activity. First, he and Daddy filled up a big pot with water.

Then Eli gently placed the eggs in the water for them to boil. He didn't do it so gently at first and we lost two eggs right away, but Josh intervened and showed him how to do it properly.

While we waited for the eggs to boil and then for them to cool, we got our coloring cups ready.

We mixed the vinegar, water, and the colored tablet and waited for the tablet to dissolve.

While we waited, Eli decided that he and Brody Jack, my brother Josh's dog, needed to spend some time together. He arranged the gate to form a pen and begged that Brody get in with him. Brody did, but it definitely wasn't Brody's idea.

Thankfully for Brody, our eggs were ready very soon and it was time to start dyeing them. I helped Eli do it at first, but he quickly gave up on the little dipper and opted to just drop the eggs in the cups with his fingers instead. (Just in case you're wondering, with the help of Oxi Clean spray, the dye does come out in the washer.)

Emily showed Eli how he could write on the eggs with the crayon.

Eli took his turn after Emily.

Pop didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so he came and joined us.

Here we are with our finished eggs. As you can tell, Eli was very tired by this point. We put him in the bathtub for his bath and then he went straight to bed. He was going to have another busy day tomorrow!

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