Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

With the great weather that we've had lately, our builders have been able to get a lot accomplished on our house. We all enjoy going out to the site every day to see what they've done. It's fun to see the progress, and to see our house actually taking shape.

At the beginning of last week, this is where our house was. All the outside walls had been raised and they had started on all the interior walls. Now instead of just wide, empty spaces, we could actually walk into our house and see each room clearly.

Eli and I went out to the lot today (April 18) and we couldn't believe how much the house had changed in just one week. They have covered the outside walls with plywood, started on the beams for the second floor, and have started framing the garage. They even built our stairs for the upstairs floor!

As we go through the house now, I always talk about each room with Eli. I want him to be familiar with the house so it's not such a shocker when he makes another move. It's probably going to be a little more traumatic this time though, because he has fallen head over heels in love with our 900 sq. ft rent house. It cracks me up!

For a couple of weeks nows, I've told him where his room is and today he managed to get there on his own! I think he's really excited about his room. The only problem is that it's not next to our bedroom anymore; in fact, it's on the complete opposite side of the hosue. That's going to be an adjustment for all of us.

Eli and I climbed the stairs so we could get a bird's eye view of our house. Eli, the daredevil that he is, wanted to walk across the beams. Oh, I'm not going to have a brunette hair left soon! He is just like his Daddy :)

This is what the view looked like from upstairs. Isn't it fun to see?!

We walked around to the side of the yard and checked on the garage.

Then I walked around the perimeter of the house and took pictures.

Front of the house

Right side of the house

Back of the house

Back of the house and the garage

Left side of the house

Josh and I are so happy with the progress so far. We can't wait to see all the changes that are going to happen this week! We are so thankful and feel so blessed that we are able to enjoy this experience!

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