Monday, April 4, 2011

Talking to Zue-Zue

Late in March, Zue-Zue went to Florida to visit The Glenn Gang. Dan, Nicki, and Jonah are dear friends to us, but they moved to Florida almost two years ago. Nicki and I still talk to each other at least every week either via the computer or phone, so we've haven't missed too much in each other's lives. It's still not nearly as good as seeing them though, especially since they have a new little boy, Micah, to love on! Zue-Zue couldn't take it anymore, so she uncharacteristically booked a flight without a moment's hesitation and went to Florida for a week. To say we were all shocked is an understatement! Zue-Zue hasn't flown since Josh was 3 years old, so this little excursion was a BIG deal!

It was weird not having Zue-Zue around that week, but one day after school we got to chat with her using the webcam. Eli got to see her, Nicki, Jonah, and Micah all at once. What fun! Eli was more concerned with watching himself in the little window at the top of the screen, but it was still fun! We're glad that Zue-Zue got to go see Dan, Nicki, Jonah, and Micah. We can't wait until we go see them ourselves this summer. The boys are going to have a blast!

I had to end the post with this picture. Eli now really smiles for pictures and I love it. His little smile is the sweetest thing I've ever seen :)


Penny said...

That last picture is PRECIOUS! :)

The Glenn Gang said...

Love that precious little smile. He is such a little boy now. Can't wait to see him!!

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