Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tales from the Rent House

We've been in the rent house now for a about a month and a half and things are going really well. Eli is head over heels in love with the 900 square feet that we now call home and that cracks me up. I think he's going to have more issues leaving this house than when we left our previous house! He loves driving down our street and spotting our new house. I'm so thankful that we haven't had any issues with him adjusting to this temporary home. He's done incredibly well!

Just like all houses ours has lots of character and I thought I'd list some reasons why we're having fun in our new abode. (Please note: I say all this in good fun. We like the house we're in, and we know how blessed we are to be in it. These are just some fun memories about the house I don't want to forget.)

1. Our house can prep you for a potential earthquake. Want to know how? When our washer is on the spin cycle, our entire house shakes...NO LIE. My stackable coffee cups in the kitchen rattle back and forth; all four walls start trembling, and you feel a sudden desire to run for a doorway. Eli has quite enjoyed this because he likes to sit on top of the washer during the spin cycle and say, "Ahhhhhhh!" It's quite funny. Everything about our day is now arranged around the washer. We can't put Eli to bed (because the washer and dryer are in his room) until both spin cycles are finished, so I have to plan when I'm going to do laundry quite meticulously.

2. My dog has adopted the crawl space below our house as her new home. In all of our previous houses, Maggie has always had a window where she could look in just to make sure we were all okay. This house doesn't have a window low enough for her to look in from the backyard though. My thoughts are that she feels closer to us when she can hear us walking around the house. It may sound crazy, but that's how I explain her neurotic antics. She comes out whenever we're outside in the yard, but as soon as we go back inside the house, she immediately goes underneath the house.

3. Since our house is kind of old, it's not insulated as well as some of the newer homes; therefore, it doesn't cool or heat very well. We've also found that certain smells make their way up through the floorboards and seep into our houses...particularly skunk smells. UGH! One night I kept dreaming that I was smelling skunk and when I woke up, I found out why. Apparently a skunk had sprayed near our house (it probably got scared when it saw Maggie underneath the house). It's awful odor wafted up through the floorboard and seeped through our walls and made our entire house smell. I went to work and kept smelling skunk. I grabbed by teacher bag and my purse, which had been left out on the hook by the door, and they both had apparently soaked up all the skunk smell into them. I was thoroughly grossed out. I came home and washed everything and sprayed Febreeze all around the house. We are skunk free for the moment, but I'm sure it'll happen again :(

These are just a few things we'll remember forever about this particular house. We are very thankful that we found this house and that it was available for rent until our new house is built. We are having a blast in it. I think I'll end on a few positives about our house, just for balance :)

1. Cleaning is a breeze. Not much you can dirty in such a small space :)
2. I'm literally 1 minute away from work. I can leave at 7:44 and be at school by 7:45 right on time. Church is the same way :)
3. We live close to our new house we're building, so we get to walk and check on the progress often...something we love to do!

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