Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wilson's Build Their Dream House Update

We've been driving over a lot lately to check on the progress on our house. They're moving so quickly that I've been able to do updates at least once, sometimes twice, a week!

Tuesday the builders put down the base for the floor for the second story. It was so fun to be able to walk around up there and see all the potential space.

This is a view of my future craft room. I'm so EXCITED about this! No more painting on the floor and then having to put away all my paints so Eli doesn't make a mess. In a few short months, I'll be able to just shut the door :)

Josh and Eli are standing where Josh hopes to put one of these. He and Brian have great plans for this space.

That's a view of our backyard. There is a ditch separating our yard from the field. We'll eventually put up a privacy fence.

My favorite boys sitting on the stairs. One of my first purchases for this house will be a gate to put at the bottom of these stairs to keep a certain little boy safe :)

Wednesday the builders started putting the rafters on the house. See? I told you they were moving quickly!!

We left to go visit my parents for Easter, and while we were there we stopped by Lumber Liquidators to look at some of their wood flooring. We're about 2 weeks away from having to choose what we want for the house. This is what we're leaning towards. It's Brazilian teak. Our cabinets and furniture are both going to be dark, so we want flooring that's going to be a good contrast for those. What are your opinions?

Yesterday (Sunday) when we got back home, we stopped by the house to see what the builders did Thursday. I never got to take pictures before we left for my parents' house. They put the rafters on the garage and started on the roof for the mudroom (between our house and the garage).

Another view of the garage, mudroom, and the side of the house.

Our builder told us that we're getting near the point where things are going to kind of slow down because all the big stuff is pretty much finished. It's still going to be exciting though and I can't wait to see what happens next :)

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