Monday, April 25, 2011

Eli's Easter Party at School

The Wednesday before Easter, Eli's class at school had their Easter party. I was one of the party moms, so I tried to make some treats that were festive for the occasion. I saw these Rice Krispies bunnies and had to try. Josh thinks they look like rats, but I told him he needed to use his imagination a little better.

I got to Eli's school a little early and found that they were still playing outside. A couple of other parents and I prepared snack plates for all the kids and waited for them to come inside. Pretty soon a line of sweaty, stinky little kids made their way inside and were greeted with lots of smiles from their parents. Eli was so happy to see me and I felt the same way about him :)

After they ate, the kids got to go out on the playground to find their Easter eggs. Eli was more than ready to go find some eggs! Oh, notice the watch? He's been wanting a watch for awhile now and I found this CARS one in my desk at school. I must have confiscated it from some kid a few years ago and forgot to give it bad. I figured Eli could get some use out of it. He now wears it all the time. I love it!

Here's Eli and Hannah. These two have been buddies since they were born. Diane and I joke that they're going to get married one day, but after seeing this picture I told Eli he better start growing or else Hannah won't ever be able to wear high heels.

They went out to the playground and Eli found lots of eggs. He loved running around the playground and putting them in his bucket. His teachers divided the eggs out between the kids so it was fair and then we grabbed all his treats and went home.

We made sure to stop and take a picture with his teachers before we left. We're going to miss this preschool next year. His teachers are two of the sweetest ladies I've ever met. He has done so well with them. I know he's going to do well at his big boy school next year, but we are definitely going to miss Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Audley!

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