Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw's House

Christmas Eve afternoon we went over to Josh's grandparents' house to have a late Christmas lunch with them...I call it "lupper" :) We normally all get together and play Cajun Christmas with each other, but this year, we just opted to let the kids exchange gifts. That was more fun anyway! 

When we got there, Eli, Peyton, and Josh started a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. They had lots of fun playing together. 

Eli and Peyton are best buds and play so well together. Peyton is so patient with Eli. I love watching the two of them together.

Jordan and Addison arrived next, and I just couldn't quit taking pictures of this sweet little girl. 

Ariane, Peyton's mom, and Addison

A sweet little smile from Ms. Addi

Peyton and Addi are like brother and sister

Eli, Addi, and Peyton
(We were missing Grant this year. Next year though, we'll have Baby Brett-Sara and Shane's baby-in our pictures, too! How fun!)

After we all ate some really delicious food, we let the kids exchange gifts with each other. By this time, it was just Addi and Eli, because Peyton and his mom had to go to another Christmas party with her family. Addi and Eli had fun opening their presents though and got some really cute stuff.

Hurray! A wood building train kit. 
Sounds like a great Dude Night activity 
(that's what Daddy Dates are called around here)

Addi got a kitchen from Mamaw and Papaw
(In fact, Little Miss Betty Crocker got several kitchens for Christmas! One for each house she visits!)

From Mamaw, Eli got a Cars lunch box, two new cars, and some jeans from Old Navy.
We've discovered that Old Navy jeans fit my skinny minny the best. 

Yay! Two new cars!

Jordan and her mom gave Eli his very own digital camera
Now he can take pictures with Momma!

Our family gave Addison a growth chart.
It's my latest painting project I've tried, and I have to say I love making them!

Addison and Eli immediately started playing with their toys. Addi loved talking on her phone and being a pretend doctor. Jordan is in nursing school right now so Addi loves playing with her stethoscope. Jordan thought Addi would love having her very own stethoscope, and she was right!

Eli's camera didn't have batteries, but he loved pretending to take pictures.

It was such a fun night. I love watching the kids play together and make fun memories. Hopefully next year, Grant and Brett will be able to be here, too! 

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