Saturday, December 17, 2011

PreK-3 Update-November

Whew! Didn't I just post the October PreK-3 update? Wow! Where did November go?? My little boy is still loving school, and I am loving all the fun things he is doing in his classroom. His teacher is SUPER creative and is always sending home precious crafts that the kids have done. Thursday is my favorite day of the week because it's the day I get to see all of his artwork from his class. Eli's file for this year is getting super bulky, but I can't bring myself to get rid of anything just yet. I still plan on making a book of Eli's crafts from this year, but that'll probably be a summer project for me.

Every week in Eli's class, they study a letter of the alphabet. They talk about it's sound, words that start with that letter, the way the uppercase and lowercase letter look, and much more. Every Friday the kids get to bring something to school that begins with that letter. Eli has loved getting to share his show and tell item every week. Last week was especially fun for him because he got to bring Francesco Bernoulli to school. He LOVES anything that has to do with cars right now!

Eli has discovered how much he loves using scissors to cut paper. Anytime I am sitting at the table cutting something for school, he wants to sit beside me and cut too. I let him use my funky craft scissors because they're blunt and he can't hurt himself with those. I'm pretty sure "Santa" is going to be bringing him some kid safe scissors for Christmas. It's great practice for his fine motor skills, and it keeps him busy for a long time. I usually draw lines of various lengths on the paper and have him cut the lines. He's doing very well on that :)

His speech is improving daily and conversations with him are getting SO FUN! He is starting to remember more about his day, so our daily "What did you do today conversations?" are getting more interesting. I love hearing about his day and what he's doing at school. I also love catching him singing songs and rhymes that his teachers sing to him at school. The other day he was sitting on the floor in the living room and started chanting, "Criss cross, applesauce, hands in your lap" and then proceeded to do that :) It's so cute!

Here are some of the things he did this past month in his class. I love them all!

Pilgrim Eli and Indian Hannah on Thanksgiving Day at their school.

I love this one :) Makes my heart so happy. 

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