Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with Zue-Zue, 2011

Friday night we went to Josh's mom's house to have Christmas with her. Eli was so excited to see Zue-Zue, and we were even more surprised when we walked in and saw all the gifts! We must have been very, very good this year!

Poor Zue-Zue fell and broke her arm a couple of months ago, and it's been tough on her ever since. She wore a sling for a long time and is now going to physical therapy. Needless to say, she wasn't able to put up any Christmas decorations herself, but Mammy and Uncle Clare came to the rescue and did it for her. Isn't her tree beautiful?

Before we ate, I had Eli pose for a couple of pictures with Zue-Zue in front of the Christmas tree.

Zue-Zue cooked a yummy breakfast for us (I love having breakfast for dinner!) and then it was time to open gifts. Daddy and Eli were both very excited!

Eli passed out the gifts to each of us and then sat very patiently while we each opened one gift at a time. 

Zue-Zue had lots of fun buying gifts for Eli this year, and the only thing that was missing was a set of earplugs for Mommy and Daddy :) I think every gift she gave him made noise. Thanks, Zue-Zue...

Fishing game (that plays music the entire time you're playing)

As you can see, Eli was happy about this game.

Daddy waiting for his turn

Hungry, Hungry Hippos...what a fun game!

Zue-Zue did really well for Josh and me as well. We both loved all of our gifts from her!

My Mary Engelbreit calendar for school. I got a big one for home, too.

I love anything with peacock feathers.

Daddy and Eli received a joint gift and they were both excited to see that it was Nerf basketball. Josh had already mentioned to me that he wanted to get Eli one of these this year because he played with one  all throughout his childhood. Zue-Zue must have read his mind!

Eli was super excited about getting a new pair of rain boots.

He couldn't wait to put them on and walk around in them.

Daddy got an LSU Tervis Tumbler cup...perfect for game day!

Zue-Zue modeling her earrings she got from us. 

Buzz Lightyear is always a hit with Eli!

Zue-Zue talking to Eli about something.

Zue-Zue got a new picture for her key chain.

Eli loves all things music and was super excited when he discovered that another one of his gifts was a harmonica. Oh, happy day! More noise :)

My new piece of Wilton Armetale

Josh with his new running shirt

Eli loved helping each of us open our gifts.

Hurray! A new fishing puzzle!

Eli couldn't wait to open his last big gift from Zue-Zue.

What could it be?

Let's just dump it out and see...

It's Mega T-Rex!

My new piece of artwork-fleur de lis painted on a distressed cabinet door

Josh and Eli took a break from opening gifts to play the fishing game.

Woo hoo! Daddy caught a big one!

My new coat :) I LOVE it (of course, I picked it out, so I should! HAHA!)

Our new stainless steel stock pot

Josh's new Columbia jacket...nice pose, babe :)

Sue is not known for her picture taking abilities, but she proved that she can handle the digital SLR...go figure! Give her a harder camera and she takes quality pictures :) She snapped these next two of us and I have to say they're great pictures. Way to go, Zue-Zue! Thank you for a wonderful Christmas! You went overboard, but we appreciate and are thankful for everything you gave us! Thank you for loving us, cooking for us, helping us with Eli, and doing so much more! We had a great Christmas with you!

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