Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas-2011

Christmas morning we all woke up and rushed to see if Santa had been to our house. Of course, he had!

Eli's 3 gifts from Santa this year-a violin, a Mack, and a Nerf gun

Eli was excited about all his gifts from Santa, but I think he really enjoyed the Nerf guns the most. 

A certain Daddy was happy about those as well :)

Eli got a few small gifts from us, nothing major, but he was pretty excited about the new sword from Daddy. They love having sword fights together and pretending like they're Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Our morning was very relaxed and laid back. Eli would open a gift and then we'd play with that toy until he wanted to open another gift. Most of his gifts he got from us were games. Yes, we will be that family that has "Family Game Night" once a week. 

At one point, Eli stood up and we noticed that he had a bow on his booty. He said, "Look, I a pwesent!" It melted my heart because I remembered many Christmases where I wished for a little baby and now here we were celebrating his 4th Christmas with us. Thank you, God, for your wonderful gift!

Zue-Zue came over to see what Eli got from Santa and from us, and she stayed for a little while and played some of Eli's new games with us. Eli quickly caught on to UNO Moo! It's a cute game for preschoolers and we all really enjoyed it. (We've since moved on to UNO Attack, and he loves that game just as much, too!)

One of the impulse buys I got a few days before Christmas was a superhero cape and mask set. It was only $5 and I thought Eli would enjoy it. He loved turning into Super Eli :) When I get my sewing machine, I plan on sewing a huge "E" on the back of his cape.

Probably one of Eli's favorite games was Don't Break the Ice. We must have played this game 10 times this day. It's great for his hand-eye coordination.

It was a wonderful Christmas! There are so many things I'll remember about this Christmas-Eli's reaction when he saw his 3 gifts, playing all his new games with him, watching the Christmas parade as a family, our huge Nerf Gun battle we had with each other-but my favorite memory is being able to celebrate our first Christmas in the new house with each other.  God has blessed our family so much this year, and everything we have is because of him. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas as well! 

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