Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Year Well Visit

This past Monday, Eli had his 3 year well visit with Dr. R. We had not seen Dr. R since his well visit last year, so we (I) was looking forward to this visit. Since we were going to school right afterwards, I dressed him in his uniform so we wouldn't have to make another trip home. Eli was in a great mood, but since we hadn't been to the doctor in a year, I went ahead and prepared him for some of the things they were going to do-weighing him, seeing how tall he is, checking his temperature, etc. His main concern was if they were going to "pinch his leg" today (A.K.A. get a shot). I honestly didn't know, but I reminded him that if they did have to give him one, he'd get a sucker and some stickers for being a big boy. He promised that he'd be a big boy and do everything they told him to do :)

They called us to the back so they could get Eli's measurements. He weighs 31 pounds (my little featherweight) and is 37 inches tall. Dr. R said he's in the 50th percentile for both. That was better than what I thought! This was the first visit where they checked his vision and hearing and he passed both with flying colors. They also checked his blood pressure and even had him tee-tee in a cup. He thought that was hilarious and kept telling me that you're not supposed to tee-tee in a cup, you're supposed to tee-tee in the potty. Then once he saw it in the cup he said, "That looks like juice!" Gross, but his comment did make me chuckle. 

We went back to the room and waited for Dr. R to come see us. Eli played with our latest addition to the Cars family, Jeff Corvette, and some of the toys in exam room. He also devoured the sucker he got for being great while they measured and weighed him. Then Dr. R arrived and she checked Eli. She said everything looks great, which I already knew, but it's always nice to hear :) She and Eli chatted about school, things he likes to do, and what Santa Claus is bringing him. She checked his chart and noted that he was behind on one booster shot...Sorry, buddy! She said they also needed to check him for anemia and give him his dose of flu mist. 

The nurse came in to prick his finger and he did great with that, but then it was time to "pinch his leg" and he didn't like that at all. He cried for a few seconds, but thankfully a sucker and some stickers made it all better. We said goodbye to Dr. R and her nurses and told them we'd see them next year! It's hard to believe that my little man is getting to be so big!

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