Thursday, January 30, 2014

Build-a-Bear Workshop with Friends

After our ICE adventure, we were all starving so we stopped for lunch at one of my favorite places to eat...Chipotle! YUM-O! Luckily for me, Sarah and her crew LOVE Chipotle too, so we all really enjoyed it! 

Next, we headed to Grapevine Mills mall where our original intention was to take the kids to Legoland Discovery Center. On our way to Legoland in the mall, we happened to walk past a Build-a-Bear workshop. Eli noticed it and said that he wanted to make a new friend. Sarah's kids had never made a friend at Build-a-Bear so we gave them the option of either doing Legoland or Build-a-Bear. All the kids unanimously voted for Build-a-Bear!

Eli's made so many friends at Build-a-Bear, so he walked right in like he owned the place. My only rule when he makes a new friend is to get a different type of animal than one we already have. He already had a bear and a dog, so this time he picked a tiger. Great choice considering we're LSU Tigers fans :)

It was fun to watch Sarah's kiddos pick out their animals they were going to build. They were all so excited! They each picked their favorite pal. Then it was time to build!

The Build-a-Bear lady showed the boys how to make sure their new friends' hearts were super special.

Once Eli's tiger was stuffed, it was time for his first bath.

Then we had to name him and make his birth certificate. 

Finally, it was time to pay for him. Eli was so excited about his new friend.

Meet the newest member of the wilson family. Mike the Tiger :)

Cooper's new friend was Blackie Bear.

Once all the kids had their new friends we had to get a picture of all of them. It was such a fun experience for all of us! I'm glad the kids chose to do Build-a-Bear. Maybe next year, we'll hit up Legoland :)

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