Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas at Grammy and Pop's

The weekend before Christmas, we all went to my parents' house to have Christmas with my family. Mom had the house all decked out for Christmas and it looked so pretty! I loved seeing all the stockings hanging up in front of the fireplace. I'm so excited that next year we'll have another one to add for my new little niece or nephew :)

Tinsley was just as cute and precious as always, but this trip we realized that she had a slight phobia of men with beards. The weekend that we were in Memphis (trying to run our half-marathon), Tinsley was getting baptized in the Greek Orthodox church for the first time. At first, I was a little disappointed and upset that I couldn't be there for her baptism, but after I heard about what happened I was thankful I was absent. Tinsley had quite the traumatic experience when the priest, who had a beard, poured water all over her head three times. Since that moment, it seems she doesn't trust men with beards. Did I mention my Josh has a beard right now? Yeah, it was a little tense during our family Christmas. Tinsley and Josh pretty much couldn't be in the same room together or else she'd have a panic attack.

Josh tried to show Tinsley that it hurt his feelings, too, but I think her feelings were hurt more.

Isn't this just the most pitiful sight ever?

As soon as Josh was not in sight anymore, she cheered right up and was fine, but she went right back to freak out mode anytime she heard his voice, heard his name mentioned, or saw him. Basically, Josh had to be silent the entire time and we had to hide him. Haha!

Before we ate our Christmas dinner, we let the grandkids open their stockings. Eli loved all his stocking stuffers and so did Tinsley! Tinsley really loves the theme song to Thomas the Train so my parents gave her a train car of her own named Rosie (I think that's her name).

We thought we were making progress with the beard situation so my brother Josh held Tinsley and sat by Josh on the couch. Josh offered Tinsley a cookie and well...things escalated pretty quickly.

Andrea changed Tinsley into her Christmas pajamas because she was going to have to go to bed soon and then the gift opening started. 

Eli and Pop played the parts of Santa and Santa's little helper and passed out all the gifts. 

Tinsley's first present she opened was an LSU bag with her monogram on it. She immediately put it on her arm. She's going to be quite the little shopper :)

We gave Tinsley The Little Mermaid movie and The Little Mermaid play set by Fisher Price. She really loved the Ariel and Flounder figurines that went with the set. 

Dad wanted his own personal Keurig for his office so my brother Josh and I got him one together. Now he can enjoy some coffee while he works so hard!

Scrappy Doo was quite the good little puppy and just laid on his bed the entire time we were opening gifts. 

Eli found this LSU nutcracker at Belk one day when we were shopping and begged to have it. We were pretty much done with his Christmas from us by then, so I mentioned that he wanted it to my mom and she got it for him! He was so excited!

My one and only gift (because it was a big purchase) was my new rug. I LOVE IT! I wanted a rug that I could put in between my stove and my sink in my kitchen and this fits perfectly! It was exactly what I wanted!

The big surprise of the night was when Eli helped Pop open his gift from Caleb and Kailey. They gave my Dad a figurine that went along with the new gaming system that was on Pop's wish list to Santa called the Disney Infinity. Eli was so excited that Pop got something that was on his wish list. 

Several gifts that we ordered for each other didn't make it in time for our Christmas. Josh opened his gift from Josh and Andrea and found a piece of paper with a picture of a jacket on it. Then they tossed a package that had arrived at their door minutes before they left and it had the actual jacket in it. Josh was excited about it!

Caleb is a year away from finishing up his MBA, but in his spare time he loves to play games. He requested gift cards to Best Buy from everyone to help buy the new XBOX 1. I'd say he racked up!

After we had all opened our gifts, we heard a knock at the front door. Santa had left my dad a surprise package! Eli just couldn't believe that Santa had made an early delivery!

Eli was THRILLED when he saw that inside the package was the Disney Infinity game that my Dad had asked Santa for. He exclaimed, "Pop, you got your wish from Santa! I'm so happy for you!"

Caleb and Eli immediately started playing the Infinity and it was a rocky start, but they quickly got the hang of it. I know Eli is going to really enjoy playing this game when he goes to visit my parents. 

It was a wonderful Christmas together. We laughed, Tinsley cried (poor thing!), ate good food, shared great memories, and enjoyed being together as a family. I'm so thankful we were all able to get together and share this time as a family. Thank you Mom, Dad, Josh, Andrea, Caleb, and Kailey for all our great gifts! We love them all! 

Tinsley woke up the next morning happy as can be, except for when she spotted Josh again. Haha! Hopefully, they'll get the poor girl some counseling before our next family get-together or else things are going to be a little awkward for awhile. Let's hope she gets over her phobia soon!

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