Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Traditions

When the Christmas season approaches, we try our best to make the "magic of the season" last as long as possible. The anticipation of Christmas is sometimes more exciting to me than the actual day of opening gifts, so we try our best to make every moment count during the holidays. I've posted some of the fun we had this year, but here's an assortment of pictures that I put all into this post rather than do separate posts. 

We enjoyed our town's Christmas parade early in the month. Eli caught LOTS of candy.

One of our favorite traditions is to wrap 25 books and put them under the Christmas tree. Every night Eli gets to choose one before going to bed and we read it. He loves being able to open a present every night!

Of course, decorating the house for Christmas is always something I really look forward to every year!

Another favorite tradition of ours is to go visit the Christmas light displays along the river. 

Eli also enjoyed getting to pack two boxes for soldiers overseas. We loved getting to shop for goodies we thought the soldiers would enjoy. 

The Christmas season seems to pass so quickly. I'm so thankful for every opportunity I get to make these precious memories with my family! 

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