Saturday, January 4, 2014


Since our race was canceled, we decided to make the most of our mini-vacation to Memphis. The town of Memphis worked with the race officials for St. Jude and offered LOTS of discounts to touristy-type events for all the runners that had traveled to the city for the St. Jude race. I thought that was incredibly nice of them to take care of us like that! One of the places that runners could get a discount was Graceland, so we all loaded up and went to visit the place Elvis once called home. 

I had actually been to Graceland before when I was a baby, but I have ZERO recollection of it (obviously). It was neat to see where this mega super star once lived and worked.

Living room

This was the part of the house that was closed off to visitors. The audio guide said that Elvis always greeted his guests on the stairs and they were never allowed upstairs where his bedroom was. He wanted to keep part of his life private. Poor guy probably never got a moments peace. 

Priscilla and Lisa Marie

Dining room


Media room

Billard room

Jungle room

This was called the Hall of Gold.

Racquetball room that was converted to his trophy room after he died.

The entire Presley family is buried on the grounds. 

It wasn't how we intended for our race weekend to go, but we still had fun! After this we left and had some AMAZING Memphis barbecue at Central BBQ. Oh my word. It was DELICIOUS! We'll definitely go to that place again! The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing, shopping, and having fun. We can't wait to go back to Memphis again next year, but this time it'll be to run the half-marathon! Fingers crossed starting now for no bad weather!!

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