Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas Morning-2013

When Eli woke us up early on Christmas morning, we were so excited to see that Santa had been at our house! We had all kinds of presents under our tree :) We must have been very good!

Santa got the message from Elfis :) Eli's three gifts had arrived direct from the North Pole-Zurg, Slinky, and Turbo. He was so happy!

Before Eli started opening gifts, we made sure to check the cookies and milk plate. Sure enough, Santa had gobbled up all the cookies. He must have been hungry for a late night snack :)

There was also a good-bye letter from Elfis along with a surprise for Eli. Elfis remembered that Eli's original Christmas list included Hamm from Toy Story. Later on, Eli changed his list and took Hamm off and put Turbo on. It was kind of confusing for Elfis at first, but thankfully, Santa got the message. Elfis surprised Eli with this gift. Eli loved it!

After reading both of the letters, it was time to open presents and play! We've always just let Eli open presents as he wishes on Christmas day. He'll usually open one toy up and play with it for a little bit before moving on to another toy. It's safe to say that Slinky was by far the best toy that Santa brought this year. Who knew he'd be such a hit?

Grandpa E surprised Eli with this really cool gear toy thingy that has lots of pieces and requires you to  have LOTS of patience. 

This was how Josh felt about having to actually read the directions.

They did eventually build one invention out of the book, but that was about all Josh's patience could handle. Maybe they'll do more the next time they build!

Josh and I got Eli a new electronic dartboard. He loves playing darts!

Eli went outside at one point to give Maggie her Christmas gift from us...a new rawhide bone.

Then it was back inside for more gift opening!

It was such a wonderful Christmas morning. We loved watching Eli open his gifts from Santa and from us. Eli had a blast playing with all his new toys and so did we! 

Playing a little old school Mouse Trap

Later that afternoon, we all went outside and watched Eli practice riding his new Razor scooter from Zue-Zue.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, eating yummy Christmas food, playing board games, watching Christmas movies, and spending time together as a family counting all of our many blessings...most importantly the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation he offers all of us. 

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