Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas at Zue-Zue's House-2013

We got back from my parents' house late Sunday night and then the next night we went to Josh's mom's house to have Christmas with her. Eli was so excited when he saw all those presents under Zue-Zue's tree!

Zue-Zue cooked yummy Puerto Rican chicken  for us and it was delicious! After we ate, we started opening the gifts. Eli couldn't wait to start opening so that was good leverage to get him to eat :) Since it's just the four of us (right now until God hopefully blesses us with another baby to love) we all tend to buy each other a little bit more. 

I felt AWFUL this night. Sunday morning at my parents house I woke up with a sore throat, my head was pounding, and I had so much sinus pressure. I hoped that by taking NyQuil and DayQuil I would start to feel better, but by Monday night I still felt awful. I say all that so you know why I look exhausted in these next couple of pictures. 

One of Eli's favorite gifts of the night was a map of the USA that Zue-Zue gave him. It came with reusable stickers that you could put on all the places you wanted to visit one day. We had to stop everything we were doing and place all those stickers on the map right then. (Side note: It was so sad to see that the stickers included had things like "My Dad Lives Here" and "My Mom Lives Here". Even the stickers on this map show the broken home situation so many kids live in. It made me sad.)

Eli also got a new blue Razor scooter. He loved it. 

My three favorite gifts were my turquoise ceramic pot, my new stainless steel cookware, and my new measuring spoons from Anthropologie. I couldn't wait to use them in the kitchen! They just make me happy :)

Sue's big gift from us was a Kindle. Now she can read books, do crosswords, get on Facebook, and so much more. She was pretty excited about it!

We had yet another wonderful family Christmas. We really are so very blessed! I'm just sad that I felt so awful. We loaded up all our gifts and went home. I went to bed, after taking some medicine, and thankfully, I woke up feeling MUCH better. It was an answer to prayer because I didn't want to be sick for Christmas. Thank you, Zue-Zue, for a great Christmas! We love all our gifts! 

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