Sunday, January 5, 2014

Visiting Santa-2013

Well, I mentioned in the previous post about Tinsley's phobia of men with beards ever since her traumatic baptism experience. Because of that, visiting Santa this year was not nearly as fun as it probably will be in years to come. In fact, it was just downright awful for her. Eli, on the other hand, really enjoyed seeing Santa. Mom said he jumped right in his lap and rambled off the three gifts he really wanted Santa to bring him-Zurg from Toy Story, Slinky from Toy Story, and Turbo the snail. One minor note about this picture, does Santa look like he's drugged to you? Haha! Josh's brother, Ian, said it looked like he'd had a couple of nips from a flask, but to me it looks like he's zoned out on Prozac. Either way, it appears nothing is bothering this Santa! Hopefully next year's visit to Santa will be the happy experience it's supposed to be. This year Tinsley was just not having any of it! 

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