Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 Month Portrait Session

Eli and I went to Jami Ainsworth's photography studio this morning to have his 6 month portraits made. He was in a fabulous mood and really hammed it up for the camera. The session was over in record time, less than an hour, and we had almost 100 images that were great. Jami and I narrowed them down to the ones we liked the best, which was so very hard to do! She's posted two preview images on her site, if you'd like to go visit and take a look . Thanks for a great session, Jami!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

It was my pleasure. I really wanted to just work with images all afternoon, but I had to pull myself away and do other, not as fun, work.

Click on the images to see a little larger view. I always edit for low res files so that they will upload easier and download quicker when people view the blog, but I just don't think you can see how nice they are (after the additional editing that I did) unless you click on them and see them a little larger.

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