Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6 Months Old

My baby is half a year old! I look at him and I cannot believe that six months of his life have already passed by in a flash. He has accomplished so much in just a short amount of time. It seems like every week he is doing something new. Josh mentioned this morning how big of a difference weeks are with babies. One week they can't do something and then the next they can; it happens so quickly!

Eli is the delight of our household. Josh and I find so much joy in doing anything we can to make this little guy laugh-he probably thinks we're crazy! Having a baby DOES change everything, but here are some of my favorite changes:
-I laugh more
-I smile more
-Everyday things that used to seem mundane are exciting now (laundry, dishes, sweeping, etc.) because Eli LOVES to watch us do all of them
-I pray more (how could you not?)
-I find joy in the little things
-My life is fuller, richer, and has more meaning now.

Those are just a few. I feel like I could go on and on though. I say it every day, and I know I've said it a million times on this blog, but we are so incredibly blessed to have this special little guy in our lives. To think that God chose us for him, to be his parents, to raise him, to love him, and to care for him....WOW! What a huge responsibility we have! It is my prayer every night that God will help Josh and me be the best parents we can be to Eli.

Now on to the good stuff...Here is what is going on in Eli's life right now-- accomplishments, likes, and dislikes.

Recent Accomplishments:
-putting his pacifier in his mouth by himself
-cutting his two bottom teeth
-sitting alone
-rocking back and forth on his knees
-holding his bottle (occasionally, but he can do it)

-Mommy and Daddy most of all :)
-Watching Maggie from the window
-"Fixing" his jumperoo and swing (he loves to get under both of these and play)
-NUK pacifier (never leave the house without it!)
-Baby Food (peas, squash, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, prunes, bananas, oatmeal)
-Grabbing remotes, iPhones, cameras, and anything else he isn't supposed to have
-Jumping on your legs or in his Jumperoo
-Listening to silly songs (Skiddamarinky Dinky Dink nowadays)
-Playing in his crib
-Playing peek-a-boo under the blanket
-Sitting up
-Praise Baby
-Being outside
-Being naked (LOL! What baby doesn't?)

-Eating from a bottle (not all the time, but everyone is pretty convinced he'll be the easiest baby to wean from the bottle)
-Confinement of any kind
-Taking naps

I've noticed that his dislikes are pretty much staying the same from month to month. I guess that's good; at least, he's consistent! I'll take those dislikes any day though, because look at all his LIKES! He's such a good baby! We go to the doctor next week for his official weigh in, so I'll let you know then. Here's a pic of our 6 MONTH OLD baby! WOW! We love this little guy more than words can say!

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