Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 Month Well Visit

Eli had his six month well visit today with Dr. Russ. Everything went great! He is growing and getting big just like he's supposed to do. The first thing she asked was what new things he had learned since our last visit and she was quite impressed with his list of new accomplishments. He showed her how he loves to stand when you pull him up and how well he sits up. She kept saying, "Y'all this is REALLY good! He's doing great!" Don't you know I just beamed :) I'm such a proud Mama :)

Smiling for Mommy :)

We LOVE Dr. Russ!

She asked how everything was going-feeding, sleeping, etc., and we told her about our troubles with the bottle. She said that we should start trying the sippy cup to see if he'll like that better. I've bought several different kinds, so I guess we'll start trying them out to find the one he likes the best. Any suggestions from you Mommies that have been there, let me know what worked for you! I would LOVE for him to actually want to eat his liquid food without him being near sleep (lately that's how he's been taking bottles). Dr. Russ mentioned that it could be due to him cutting his two bottom teeth. They're both through his gums so maybe that's all behind us now...we can only hope! Lucky for us though, Eli LOVES baby food. He will open his mouth wide just like a little bird waiting for it's next meal. It's so cute! He's tried all the single servings of fruits and veggies and I'm happy to report we actually like applesauce now. I've tried it several times since that first feeding and we have had success! Persistence paid off :)

I discovered that if I massage or lightly scratch Eli's arms, tummy, and legs, he gets completely still and relaxed. As soon as I stop, he's in full motion instantaneously!
I was trying to get him to relax before his shots.

Eli got his shots again today-breaks my heart! But he was better once he had Mommy and Daddy. In fact, I was holding him in my arms when the nurse came in (feeding him) and after the shots Josh tried to take him so I could get all his stuff together and Eli clinched his little fingers around my clothes so tightly and would not let go. I think he thought his Daddy was a nurse trying to take him away from his Mommy and he was not having that! So sweet...he loves his Mommy :) Once he realized that it was Daddy and not the nurse, he went to him and quit crying immediately. It was all better once he had Daddy.

We don't go back for another visit until he's 9 months old and that will be my first week that I start school again...ugh! I already realize that going back to work in the fall is going to be much harder than it was when he was only 3 months old. Start praying now for all of us. We're going to need it (especially Mommy).

Eli's 6 Month Stats:
Weight: 17 lbs. 50th percentile
(Hard to keep any weight on a little body that is in CONSTANT motion!)
Height: 27 in. 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 17 1/2 in. 75th percentile


Avery's Mommy said...

He is doing so great and is so cute! Don't feel bad about his weight - Avery is 15 mos and 19 lbs, so he is doing great!

Jamie Moon said...

as far as sippy cups go, we used the gerber nuks when liv was little and she loved them!

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