Friday, May 8, 2009

Jonah Feeds Eli

Wednesday night I had a VBS meeting before church started. The last time I had a meeting I brought Eli with me and I quickly realized that when you have a baby at a meeting EVERYONE pays attention to the baby and nothing else. This time I planned ahead and asked Nicki if she would watch Eli for me while I had my meeting.

Eli and I got to the church and met Nicki and Jonah. It was time for Eli to eat his baby food dinner, so Nicki said she and Jonah would feed him. Mamaw Chandler walked in about the time I was leaving, so she stayed to get some lovin' from Eli before church.

I learned from Nicki when she had Jonah that if you leave your camera in your diaper bag, sometimes pictures appear on it at the end of church. Sure enough, after church when Eli and I got home, I pulled my camera out and found lots of pictures! It looks like Nicki, Jonah, Mamaw and Eli all had a good time while I was away. Thanks for the pics, Nicki! :)

Mr. Pea Face

Jonah feeding Eli peas

Mamaw Chandler helping Jonah load the spoon

Eli LOVES baby food!

Eli was EXHAUSTED! Go figure, he didn't take a good nap that day....

Mamaw Chandler and Eli

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