Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making New Friends

Sunday after church, Josh, Eli, and I went over to his grandmother's house for Mother's Day lunch. YUM-YUM! What a way to top off my first Mother's Day!

When we got there, we met Jordan, Josh's cousin, and Peyton, the son of a friend of the family's, running around playing in the house. Peyton spends a lot of time over at Mamaw's house, so this wasn't the first time that he and Eli had met, but it was the first time that either one of the boys paid any attention to the other.

Peyton kept saying, "Bay-bee? Bay-bee?" It was so cute! Jordan even got him to repeat Eli's name after her a couple of times, too. It was fun watching Peyton and Eli interact with each other. Oh, and for you football fans, I guess all we need now is a Cooper and an Archie and then we will have all the Manning names in our family :)

Peyton watching Eli get his diaper changed

Eli checking out Peyton

Eli and Zue-Zue

This used to be Peyton's mat, but he graciously lets Eli borrow it when we come over to visit. Peyton got under the mat with Eli and decided to show him how to work some of the buttons.

Look at how pasty white my child is! Gosh! He needs a tan! :)

I love this one! Eli is looking up adoringly at Peyton :)

What a good helper! Peyton is showing Eli which buttons to push.

Time out for a "Chew Break"

Isn't this precious? Peyton reached over to rub Eli's head while he was laying on the mat.

Eli practicing standing up with Lisa, Josh's aunt

Look at those chunky monkey thighs :)

Luvin' on Jordan

Yes, that's a yawn. Will he sleep? Absolutely not!
He's got too many adoring fans to entertain to take a nap; at least that's what he thinks!

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