Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rise and Shine

Eli normally goes down for the night anywhere between 7 and 8, so usually around 6 or 6:30 in the morning, I hear his sweet little voice cooing over the monitor letting us know he's awake. He's got some toys that are tied to the sides of his crib so he can play with when he wakes up; the thought there was to ensure Mommy and Daddy at least 15 more minutes of sleep because Mommy is SOO not a morning person. Eli definitely is! I'm hoping that will change and he will learn how wonderful it is to sleep in, especially on a Saturday when you have absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. Eli always wakes up in the best mood. He starts thrashing around, scooting, lunging, and crawling in his crib as soon as he sees me or Josh walk through his door. It's so sweet :) Most of the time, he'll just lay there in your arms for awhile and let you cuddle him (the only time we ever get to cuddle, because he's always on the go!). It's such a special time for all of us. After that, he has his bottle (see sidenote below) and then is ready to play!

Sidenote: You would think that after not eating for 12 hours my son would be starving! Nope! Where most babies will drink an 8 ounce bottle in the morning, Eli will drink about 2-3 ounces and refuse the rest so he can play. Ugh! It's so frustrating sometimes. He is the most finicky eater I've ever seen.

Eli can't wait to get down on the floor in the mornings to play. He rolls around, scoots, lunges, talks, fixes things, plays, and has the best time waking up. I've included some pictures of my little wild thing in the mornings :)

Checking out his stroller

Working on the tires, checking the pressure

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed :)

Looks like the jogging stroller needed a tune up

Tires must go flat quickly on strollers these days

Shining Daddy's shoes

Serious case of bed head!

My little blue eyed cutie pie :)

Love him!


sue wilson said...

Me too!!!

Heather said...

Love the bed head picture...he has such gorgeous eyes!

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